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We are witnessing a paradigm shift in how we do business accelerated by constantly evolving customer engagement models, increased efficiencies through automation and AI, data driven decision making, changing customer path-to-purchase models, innovative and disruptive business practices…all bolstered by exponential growth in technology and continuous innovation.

While the Industry needs people with specific skills and knowledge to meet current and future market challenges, it is not practical to expect changes to regular curriculum to keep pace with the market needs. The simplest way to address this is to provide specialized skill enhancement programs to the students to enhance their employability.

Our industry Specific Enhancer Courses and Workshops

We have designed a set of interactive workshops on current skill areas as enhancement to the fundamentals the students learn in class; with an aim to get them to be industry ready and thereby increase their employability

Workshop Methodology

As the saying goes…” Doing is learning”, it is important that any training program needs to be interactive and with serious participation from the learners

In keeping with this philosophy of imparting knowledge, we deliver all our training workshops in an interactive mode with adequate number of exercises (individual / group) and case studies

All training contents are carefully designed and developed with relevant & current information.

Each workshop is delivered in a modular fashion. All these provide the learner an environment of quick assimilation and easy recall when required.

In short, Lectures…videos where applicable…Exercises…case discussions and on certain training workshops we also include business simulations.

Interactive Classroom sessions

Study Videos

In-Class exercises

Business Simulation Exercises

Select Programs

Industry and Sectoral deep dive

Students will learn about various industries and sectors within. Understand their unique characteristics, state of the industry in the

market, innovations, disruptions, and value propositions. Industries covered include Retail and FMCG; Supply chain & Logistics, Financial services, Healthcare and Hospitality.
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Business models and strategy

Students will learn about various business models in the industry. The innovative business strategy of the “Gig economy” businesses,

Platform business models, Business model canvas and Platform business model along with inputs on how business models are getting affected in the digital economy, and what does it mean for future business strategies.
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Business practices in the digital era

In this module we understand the importance of innovation, disruption, experimentation, value chain and value train and

how will they impact the current highly competitive business environment
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Impact of technology on business

In this module, we will understand how technology has influenced the way we do business and the way we innovate and disrupt the

market place for competitive advantage. The technologies covered (non-technical) include Cloud based infrastructure, Internet of Things (IOT), Blockchain framework, Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Chat BOTs to name a few. In this module, we will briefly cover cyber security and data security topics to provide responsible use and safeguarding of data.
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The data driven organization

In this module, we will understand how data has become a very powerful tool for each organization in achieving their business

goals. This module will cover big data and analytics, data acquisition and data preparation for analytics and quantitative measures in data driven decision making.
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