Business Consulting

Transformation is the key

Rapid advances in technologies and changing business paradigms have caused enormous disruptions in the global markets. The ways we run our business, manage our customers and respond to competitive forces are rapidly changing.

Strategic Inflection Solutions is established to help companies and education institutions to identify these inflection points and assist them in implementing powerful transformation strategies to excel!

A number of corporate clients and educational institutions have benefitted and found value through our services

Business Transformation Strategy

Organizations can expect substantial benefits across all activities including operational efficiency, more informed leadership, enhanced abilities and strategies to address customer needs and build greater stakeholder value and strong financial performance, through a successful business transformation strategy.

Strategic Inflection Solutions, helps you define your future state, refine your strategies and help optimize your processes and manage change effectively across your organization as well as how you interact with all your stakeholders.

Organizational growth strategies, organizational structure & optimization, operational efficiency enhancement, business modeling, customer Journey (Path to Purchase) optimization, market penetration and expansion strategies and deal structuring are some of our strategy consulting solutions.

Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment (DTRA)

Our Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment (DTRA) solution provides you clear insights on your readiness for a transformational journey to achieve your future state objectives, in the digital marketplace.

Offshore Advisory and Business Facilitation Solutions

While cost arbitrage has always been the prime driver for global companies offshore their technology requirements, ready skills availability and quality of services have, become deciding factors over the years.

We find a growing trend in global organizations wanting to set up their captive delivery centers in India and other lower cost geographies. Additionally, a number of organizations globally have started outsourcing product development and operational support for these products to Indian companies.

Often setting up a captive center requires several activities that are very local in nature. Many organizations are evaluating various business models before they set up their own presence in India. Build – Operate – Transfer is one such model besides dedicated delivery centers through third party solution providers.

We provide tailored services to help organizations find the right technology and business partners, help in the set-up processes for own captive units, build the overall outsourcing strategy, Shared Services center set up and operations strategy, resourcing, and contracting activities.

Additionally, we provide program management and interim executive management support to help our clients succeed in their offshoring strategy.